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Wwe 2k14 Full Version Pc Download (Final 2022)




Like the previous games in the WWE 2K series, the title features licensed music from various musical acts, including platinum-selling artists like 50 Cent and Eminem. Storyline and gameplay The storyline is presented through the game's Create-a-Wrestler feature, which allows the user to create their own wrestler through a standard wrestling event, as well as through one's own personal career mode. There are no options to customize clothing, moves, or weapons, but there are six different wrestling events, including the Royal Rumble, SmackDown Live!, Raw, Tough Enough, and Survivor Series. The gameplay is mainly the same as the last two WWE 2K games, with the exception of the addition of a lucha libre wrestling style, which features super-strong fighters using "Mexican" moves. The game's "Finishing Moves" feature, introduced in WWE 2K13, also returns, with the game's "Fatalities" now being available to the player as well. Fatalities, which allow the player to take the life of the opponent, also gain their own combo meter, and upon filling the meter, an opportunity to break the opponent's back. Both the Create-a-Wrestler and career modes also return to the series, with the Create-a-Wrestler allowing players to either create their own character, or import one from a previous title in the series. While importing, the player can select their gender and their name. Career mode allows the player to take a customized wrestler to the ring, compete in regular events, and reach the top of the ladder to win exclusive prizes and promotion from Mr. McMahon. In addition to the Create-a-Wrestler feature, the game's new "Skills" system allows players to perform certain moves with special effects, to unlock certain parts of the game, such as "Finish Moves", "Finish Finishes", and "Finish Fatalities", and earn "Skills Points". There are four new skill types: "Body", "Dynamics", "Motion", and "Explosions". Each has a different effect. Each skill type has its own requirements, with each level having its own set of requirements. There are also four new finishers: "Dead Eye Gator Press", "Boomerang Bomb", "Stinging Kiss", and "Twist of Death". The game also has a new Create-a-Moves feature, where players can create customized finishers



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Wwe 2k14 Full Version Pc Download (Final 2022)

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